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CISCO WLC hardware refresh


We are currently using "AIR-CT5760" as WLC in stack with below AP models registered. As "AIR-CT5760" is EOS we are planning for hardware refresh. Need suggestion on new WLC models that can replace the existing WLC &  can also support all the existing AP's which are registered with current WLC - (AIR-CT5760). It will be helpful if supported AP model details also can be shared for new WLC models.


Below are the current AP models which are registered with AIR-CT5760.


AP Name AP Model Ethernet MAC Radio MAC State
AP0078.88b9.44b8 1702I 0078.88b9.44b8 003a.7d99.a610 Registered
AP0042.6844.a198 1702I 0042.6844.a198 003a.7daf.6f10 Registered
AP0042.68fc.8bd0 1702I 0042.68fc.8bd0 003a.7df5.32c0 Registered
AP1005.ca5e.3b8e 2602I 1005.ca5e.3b8e 00e1.6db3.9a50 Registered
AP1005.ca5e.3b93 2602I 1005.ca5e.3b93 00e1.6db3.9ac0 Registered
AP1005.ca5e.3bae 2602I 1005.ca5e.3bae 00e1.6db3.9c40 Registered
AP1005.ca5e.3bbb 2602I 1005.ca5e.3bbb 00e1.6db3.9d00 Registered
AP1005.ca5e.3bbf 2602I 1005.ca5e.3bbf 00e1.6db3.9d50 Registered
AP1005.cae8.16f2 2602I 1005.cae8.16f2 00e1.6dc5.c730 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e356 2602I 1005.ca63.e356 28c7.ce55.dfa0 Registered
AP1005.cae8.20e2 2602I 1005.cae8.20e2 6cfa.8904.6720 Registered
AP1005.cae8.21b1 2602I 1005.cae8.21b1 6cfa.8904.7430 Registered
AP1005.cae8.21c4 2602I 1005.cae8.21c4 6cfa.8904.7570 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e8ad 2602I 1005.ca63.e8ad 6cfa.8990.34c0 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e8af 2602I 1005.ca63.e8af 6cfa.8990.34f0 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e8b3 2602I 1005.ca63.e8b3 6cfa.8990.3520 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e8c2 2602I 1005.ca63.e8c2 6cfa.8990.3620 Registered
AP1005.ca63.e8c4 2602I 1005.ca63.e8c4 6cfa.8990.3640 Registered
APe865.49f9.4910 1702I e865.49f9.4910 80e0.1d35.b950 Registered
AP0078.88b6.3e88 1702I 0078.88b6.3e88 e00e.da0f.d850 Registered
AP0042.68ba.3908 1702I 0042.68ba.3908 e00e.da43.4540 Registered
AP003a.7d5e.f2f4 1702I 003a.7d5e.f2f4 e00e.da85.f660 Registered
AP003a.7d5e.f42c 1702I 003a.7d5e.f42c e00e.da85.fb70 Registered
APa0e0.afe1.d36c 2702I a0e0.afe1.d36c f80b.cbc1.1520 Registered
AP002c.c863.f034 2702I 002c.c863.f034 f80b.cbf1.b320 Registered
AP2c5a.0f1e.8d2c 2702I 2c5a.0f1e.8d2c f80b.cbfa.afd0 Registered

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Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh


Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh

Hi Leo,


Thanks for the email, if possible can you share the AP model compatibility details for Cisco 9800 WLC & also the licenses details required.

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Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh

@preetpeethambaran wrote:

if possible can you share the AP model compatibility

The list of supported APs are found in the Release Notes.


Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh

Thanks for the details, I think 2600 series AP's are not supported by Cisco 9800 series.Any other model is there which supports all 1700, 2600 & 2700 series AP's.
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Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh

Yes the 2600 seems to be missing from the 9800 compatibility list. I think it's about time to replace those 8 years ago released access points with newer models.
As you "only" have 26 access points, you could also consider the older WLC 3504. Downside of that one is, it's based on the old software which is now slowly phased out and replaced by the 9800 series and software.

If you have the budget, get a 9800 series and replace the 2600 APs. The 2600 have last WLC support in code release 8.5.x, which is also soon EoL and will not anymore receive any updates.
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Re: CISCO WLC hardware refresh


 You may also want to verify with :


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