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Double NAT an Aironet 1815i - Help

I'm trying to double NAT an Aironet 1815i access point. I have 3 of them and they are using the Mobility Express firmware, with one of the APs acting as the controller. I'm logged into the web portal, I create a DHCP pool on a different subnet from our primary one, I set the vlan ID as 1, Pool Status is Enabled, default gateway as the Mobility Express Controller, and a domain as WORKGROUP (the users on the wireless lan don't need to access our network, it's just to get out to the internet). Name servers I'm using OpenDNS. Then on the WLAN setting for this AP, under the VLAN and Firewall tab, I set the client IP management to be the Mobility Express Controller, set native VLAN to 1, set DHCP scope to the scope I created (autofilled to VLAN ID 1). However, when I connect and check my IP, it's connecting me to our primary subnet, not the one I set in the DHCP scope. Any help? Thanks

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Re: Double NAT an Aironet 1815i - Help

How have you configured the switch port connecting to the ME AP?

It needs to be trunk. You can only have one subnet per VLAN ID. The ME Management Subnet should be seperate from the WLAN Client VLAN in your example

The Mobility Express Deployment guide shows examples of configuring what your talking about

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