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EAP authentication MS IAS RADIUS across Subnets without DC

I have 2 sites set up using MS IAS 2003 RADIUS server and Cisco 1230 APs. Both site that I have configured have MS DCs local and both sites perform USER and HOST based authentication. I have attempted to set up a third site, but this site is unique b/c it does not have a DC local. At this site the authentication apears to be timing out even though I set all timeouts to the highest intervals.

I need the PC to be authenticated at the Windows login screen, then I need the usercredentials passed to a DC, then I need them to be allowed access to the Network. THe device is requiring a local cached user to gain access then it is authenticating and assigning an IP. However, I need this all to happen at the loginscreen prior to loggin in b/c I do not allow local cached profiles.

I had this simmilar problem at a nother site and adjusting the timeouts corrected that but a DC was also local.

Any ideas are appreciated

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