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EAP-LEAP Module for Windows Vista & 7?

I’m trying to understand the 802.1X clients/modules Cisco offers. I found the Cisco Secure Services Client and the EAP-FAST Module for Win Vista/7. But where do I download or learn more about the EAP-LEAP Module for Win Vista/7?

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Re: EAP-LEAP Module for Windows Vista & 7?

Why would anyone desire to do LEAP on Windows 7 ?

LEAP is known to be unsecure and if you have the chance to do eap-fast, you shouldn't be doing LEAP

Re: EAP-LEAP Module for Windows Vista & 7?

Yes, I agree. Just researching for an article I'm doing on third-party supplicants. It was hard to find info on the EAP-FAST module, but I can't find the EAP-LEAP module anywhere.


Re: EAP-LEAP Module for Windows Vista & 7?

Well you can try this:

however I dont know if it is needed, but on my computer I already have LEAP EAPFAST and cisco PEAP

From intel, EAP-SIM, EAP-TTLS and EAP-AKA

Im running Windows 7 ultimate

I can see these options on WZC when I am setting up the security options on the profile.

I recently downloaded the wireless drivers for my Intel 3945ABG wireless card. So I cant really explain if there were since the begining or thru a windows update or maybe due to the manually updated Intel drivers...

Hope it helps you

Re: EAP-LEAP Module for Windows Vista & 7? This shows just how to install EAP-FAST, which works for me. I can find "ECPNode" via the Windows Update site but only installs EAP-FAST

Yeah, I've read that some people find EAP-LEAP and/or EAP-FAST installed automatically by I think Windows Update.

Does the wireless adapter have to specifically support these EAP protocols? maybe that's the problem.

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