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Endpoint wireless bandwidth capped at low speed

Hi all,


The wireless setup in my work environment uses AIR-AP2802I access points and they are managed by AIR-CT3504 WLC.

My endpoints are mainly microsoft surface pro notebooks and notice the wireless bandwidth on all these notebooks is capped at 173Mbps when connected to my APs even though they are connected on 802.11ac 5Ghz. The same model of notebook when connected APs outside my work environment can hit more than 800Mbps on 802.11ac 5Ghz. Why is this so? Please advise? TIA!


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Re: Endpoint wireless bandwidth capped at low speed

Post the complete output to the command "sh client detail <SURFACE PRO MAC ADDRESS>".
What firmware is the controller running on?
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Re: Endpoint wireless bandwidth capped at low speed


 That´s simple. In order to achieve a data rate, you need a feel parameters to be fulfiled. Those parameters together gives an Index which in 802.11ac is called MCS.

  Those paremeters are:

- Modulation


-Channel Width

-Guard Interval



-Spatial Stream


In your situation, this data rate means your are using MCS8 with Modulation of 256 QAM, Coding 3/4, Channel Width of 20 Mhz, guard interval of 400 ns, SNR of 29, RSSI -59 dBm.


 To achieve 800 Mbps you need 160 Mhz channel width, which is not a good idea in a crowded environment. usually, 40 Mhz is good option and allows you to achieve 400 Mbps.

Keep in mind, however, that the Data rate you see on the machine, is not actually throughput. 



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