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faulty WLC526



i have a WLC526-K9

but it only boots the bootloader, and thats about it.

i have tried the resetbutton, but i only get the secs showed that i have pressed the button, so im guessing that the software is gone from the controller, also because it 'boots up' with 'bash-3.2#'

im new to using controllers, so any help would be appeciated.

this is the only output i seem to get:

bash-3.2# help
GNU bash, version 3.2.25(1)-release (i686-redhat-linux-gnu)
These shell commands are defined internally.  Type `help' to see this list.
Type `help name' to find out more about the function `name'.
Use `info bash' to find out more about the shell in general.
Use `man -k' or `info' to find out more about commands not in this list.


i do have the software 'AIR-WLC520-K9-5-2-193-0.aes' but i dont know how to get into an 'iOS-like' environment. because when it gets an ip, and somewhat command line input ill guess ill manage then.

i even have used the 'Interactive setup' that pops-up during boot, but option 3 & 5 seem to stall everything. because im not represented further with an option, and the screen stays blank.


and what seems wrong to me, is that my 'SN:' field is empty?


Launching BootLoader...


                                   Model 3500   S/N: 


Booting Primary Image...

Press <ESC> now for additional boot options... 

    Boot Options

Please choose an option from below:

 1. Run primary image (Version ) (active)
 2. Run backup image  (Version ) 
 3. Manually upgrade primary image
 4. Change active boot image
 5. Clear Configuration

Please enter your choice: 3


if you need more info, or anything, just let me know, and ill get it for you.


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Please go through this field notice :


ive read the notice, but i actually boot straight into the 'linux-bash' environment, and when ive booted into the backup image, i go into a Cisco Maintenance Mode.

and since ive havent connected any LAN521 the notice doesn't apply to me.


p.s. i have also used the setup guide, but i even don't get the default ip address, so im betting on a faulty software issue.

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