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Guest wifi using WLC 3504

Hi all,


I am using WLC 3504 and i have created a open ssid that require web auth. I have also enabled a lobby admin account on my WLC to create accounts for guests to connect to this ssid. The default ip of the interface of this ssid is For guests using IE, they are able to authenticate via login page to connect to this ssid though they will see untrusted cert message (this is expected). However chrome will not be able to access the login page. When i try to change the ip of the interface for this ssid, the web auth login page would not be accessible, i need to revert the ip of the interface to for the web auth login page to be accessible via IE. I notice the cert for web auth is meant for If i intend to change the ip address of the interface for this ssid to, does it mean i need to regenerate the cert and indicate the CN as I understand that the ip address assigned to this ssid (for web auth) must not be routable within my network. Please advise. TIA!

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Re: Guest wifi using WLC 3504

Since is now routable IP address over internet, you should not use it as virtual IP address of your WLC. Regarding webauth cert, yes you have to regenerate using new virtual ip address.


The Virtual IP address for the WLC must be configured as a non-routable IP address. You must ensure it does not overlap with the network infrastructure. The address can be configured to use an IP address from the internal allocated networks. Defined on  RFC1918

The available subnets are: 

 The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the following three blocks of the IP address space for private internets:        -  (10/8 prefix)      -  (172.16/12 prefix)     - (192.168/16 prefix)

Or RFC5737 

The available subnets are:

The blocks (TEST-NET-1), (TEST-NET-2), 
and (TEST-NET-3) are provided for use in documentation.


Refer below



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