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Intel Single Sign On Pre-Logon CTA plugin issue

I have some tablets that employees will be using to access our Cisco wireless network. I would like to use the built-in Intel wireless nic for this. The Intel utility has been configured for Single Sign On using Pre-Logon. The Pre-Logon works fine. I enter my user name, password, domain and the status screen pops ups showing the authentication process. Then script logic runs which tells me that I'm connected to the network. After Script Logic runs and the tablet is completely booted up, the Intel Wireless Event Viewer shows the below errors and the connection is dropped.

Warning: CTA plugin is not installed or supported.

Warning: CTA plugin will be unloaded because we found an unsupported adapter.

Information: <State> Stopped.

Success: CCX functionality enabled.

Information: <Status> Started (my ssid).

Information: <Status> Start packet sent (my ssid).

Error: <Status> Rogue authentication timeout (my ssid).

Information: <Status> Start packet sent (my ssid).

Information: <State> Unauthenticated (my ssid).

Information: <Status> Link down (my ssid).

Information: Intel(R) Wireless Troubleshooter successfully retrieved an alert event trace number 2147751218.

The tablet will not attempt to reconnect automatically, but if I manually connect (click connect) the connection is re-eststablished every time. Of course, I can't tell the users that after they log in they have to manually connect.

I tried installing CTA (Cisco Trust Agent) but it didn't help.

Fujitsu LifeBook T4020 Tablet

Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG

Intel PROSet/Wireless Software

Cisco AP1200 running 12.3(4)JA

Security: WPA-Enterprise, TKIP, LEAP, CCKM

Authentication Database: Active Directory

Cisco Secure ACS Release 3.3(2) Build 2

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Frequent Contributor

Re: Intel Single Sign On Pre-Logon CTA plugin issue

In the Plugins section of the ctastat output, the product vendor and application ID are listed. These numbers correlate with the information in the PluginVendor/Application field in the Session Information output.

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