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ISE-WLC deployment

Is the DNS important for ISE deployment to use central web aunthtification  for wireless guest

in my topology each équipement don't support NTP master how to proced

switch layer 3 must be activate inter-VLAN routing or not

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Yes DNS is important for any

Yes DNS is important for any ISE deployment, you can not regester ISE nodes without dns resolution, as the certificate used for trust between nodes uses FQDN as CN field and needs to be resolved by DNS.

Also when the user is redirected to ISE for central web auth as example it uses hostname.


NTP master command is to configure an NTP server, so you don't need that command on every device. you need one reliable source of NTP, may be your core, to which ISE nodes can sync time with.

if you have more than 1 vlan and you want them to communicate you need some form of intervlan routing, either through SVI or router on stick or some other means.


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Hi,How to deploy DNS Server,


How to deploy DNS Server, this my network topology !!You can comment



DNS is a very common network

DNS is a very common network element and any windows, linux, IOS platform can be configured to act a dns server, even you can configure your router to act as dns server.

so lets say you want to configure windows server 2012 as dns server, just go to youtube and type "how to configure windows server for dns" or "how to configure router as dns" you will find many tutorials .. at the cost of watching an Ad ;) which you can ignore in 5 seconds.


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I apologize I did not see the

I apologize I did not see the topology initially, anyways this is a simple topology, do you have any win server in your network ? is this a production or test topology ?


If you do not have any Win Server and web is the only application you need to access then you can configure your router for DNS. the router indeed will query the internet provided for DNS resolutions for web addresses. you can create only inhouse dns records for e.g for your ISE on the router, also in this case you router can act as as NTP Master.


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