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Meraki claim concern

Hi Guys,


I have a question here, we have a Meraki MX60 and it was claimed before by another account unfortunately the account has been deleted and we want to claim the said device, how can we do that? When we we try to claim it this prompts "Some of the devices you tried claiming are in use."


Thank you for the help!


Kind Regards,



Hi,What type of claim you


What type of claim you want to do

claim on license, service or on hardware.. ?



@abwahidThe hardware itself..


The hardware itself...





1- If receiving an error

1- If receiving an error message of "Some of the devices you tried claiming are in use" or other similar message, then it is very likely that the device is currently claimed within a different account. Make sure to remove the node from the other network, wait about 5 minutes and try again.


To Remove device check : -


2- If the dashboard won't take the entered order numbers, then it may have already been used. Refer to the order, then add the license key and device serial numbers manually. Otherwise, contact Cisco Meraki Support for assistance.


For support check the following link : -


Have a good day ;)






i have an simulair issue, but then with an MR14.

and this is the answer i get from meraki "support"



Meraki support is unable to unclaim devices from the organization they are currently claimed into. The only way to claim the device will be to have the previous owner unclaim it on their Dashboard. 

Thank you,

Jonathan Aherne
Cisco Meraki Technical Support

For reference, many questions can be easily answered by searching our online documentation, found at the links below.


so id take it, when it comes to getting pre-owned hardware, and getting it from bankrupted/unreachble companies, its beeing promoted to an expensive paperpress?

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I agree....this really doesn

I agree....this really doesn't make sense to's not like the customer is getting away with not paying the licensing fees.  If Meraki is able to collect licensing revenues from NEW customers on pre-owned hardware it would be foolish not to do so.  Failure to do so only encourages customers to move to another vendor.


yep, While I understand the

yep, While I understand the other side of the coin so to speak, is that many of these units are installed in public places making them targets for theft. on the other side, buying these units from debunked companies without contact information is running a huge risk of buying a forever locked and doomed to be lost forever piece of hardware..

I just picked up 5 MR32's that I have come to find are worthless.. Live and learn, and move on to another vendor.


Re: 1- If receiving an error



I'm having the same problem. I'm trying to add Z1 and it's returning the message that the device is in use, but I do not know in which organization Z1 is inserted. Is there any way to find in which organization the equipment is registered by serial number?

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Re: 1- If receiving an error

Call Meraki support or talk to your Meraki rep. The device has to be removed from the org it’s been added to be fore you can add the device to your org.
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Re: 1- If receiving an error

Hi Scoot,


Thanks for the answer. I contacted Meraki, but they can not pass the information on which organization the equipment is set up.

Is it possible to make an HTTP access on Z1 and discover this information?

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