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Mobility Express - External Radius configuration applies to all WLANs

Hi, I have ME running and have some questions about Radius authentication server config. I have two external radius servers configured and being used by the production WLANs. I need to test a new radius server and plan to create a new test WLAN which will have enabled just this single new test radius server. However there is a message that says "External Radius configuration applies to all WLANs"? Can someone please clarify what this actually means? Is it that a change of the radius server(s) being used on one WLAN (test WLAN) will affect all WLANs to use the same radius server?

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.19.47 pm.jpg



Essentially what I want to have is:

prod-wlan-1: radius1, radius2

prod-wlan-2: radius1, radius2

test-wlan: test-radius


Also if I make a change to the state (enable or disable) radius server for a WLAN, does it cause the WLAN radio to reset, will it cause disruption?

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Re: Mobility Express

>From what I know, ME should be just like AireOS in a way. You can add your radius servers without any impact but you have a choice of selecting a checkbox if used as global radius for network or management. Typically under the radius server definitions, you would not have any radius server selected but selected under the wlan. This way it allows you to pick and choose what radius server and order is for what wlan.

You might as well do this after hours or test it out in a lab environment first if you are unsure.
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