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NCS Reports expire but have no end date option

Running NCS appliances on

December last year configured a rogue WAP report and scheduled it to run daily. Its now suddenly 'expired', and it does not seem

possible to unexpire it, you can change date and other properties within it but it remains in expired state.

Configuring a new replacement rogue report there is no option for an end date, only a start date/time. Previous WCS/NCS support postings here

infer there is a 'last' date but certainly it is not available from what i see. Others reports seem to have similar start date/time fields but no end date option

Do reports have a default/hard-coded length of days to run ?? Is there some global NCS setting i can flip to offer the end date option on reports ??



Cisco Employee

Re: NCS Reports expire but have no end date option

Hi Martyn:

Starting with, the product is now called Prime Infrastructure. 

You may want to open a TAC service request about the expired report.  That's probably a field in a database that needs to be updated to show correctly and a bug might need to be written about it. 

As for end dates, the expectation is that the reports will run as scheduled by the Recurrance every controls, and that when the report isn't needed any more, the Disable Schedule button will be used or the report simply deleted.  You're certainly welcome to discuss the matter with your Cisco account team and have them submit a Product Enhancement Request.

Rising star

Re: NCS Reports expire but have no end date option

You should upgrade your box because now days NCS is the part of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 and it has more functionality. You can open a case with cisco TAC. They will help you in troubleshoot as well as upgrade.

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