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NCS Upgrade v 1.1.1 to Prime Infrastructure v 1.2 not working


after an upgrade of NCS to CPI 1.2 on green field, it was not possible to reuse the GUI.  During the upgrade, I''ve shortly seen an oracle DB error, but the upgrade was going through, without problems.

At the end, it was not possible to use the GUI, and every trial to start the services was stopped with errors.

I've found the following severe Bug ID's in the support forum:

Bug CSCuc29378 Prime Infrastructure 1.2 won't start after a db restore/Upgrade from NCS1.1.1.24

Oracle DB bug as well: CSCtw59460

I see only a new installation from scratch (1.2) as solution, but the bug is not resolved in V1.2, as seen in the bug tool.


- As the customer has an v.1.0 license who worked with NCS 1.1.1, do I need an upgrade order to be able to activate an installation from the v 1.2 ova (new PAK)??

- I'm searching for a one year CPI partner license, because I heard about in some Cisco Live sessions, but I did not find a way to acces´s to it.

Any informations about it ??

Thank you,


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Re: NCS Upgrade v 1.1.1 to Prime Infrastructure v 1.2 not workin

You should be able to use a v1.0 for an upgrade to NCS 1.1 to upgrade to PI 1.2 from NCS 1.1 is free and you just need to follow the upgrade process carefully.

I have done a bunch of these upgrades from WCS to NCS and NCS to PI and I guess I'm lucky because I have not ran into this bug:)

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Re: NCS Upgrade v 1.1.1 to Prime Infrastructure v 1.2 not workin

I've forgotten to say that the customer is using ESXi 4.0, and hope that it does't matter.  In some technical notes I've seen that it is supported, In some others, only ESxi 4.1 and 5.0 are mentionned.

Of course, you are lucky, but I'm know that the 1.0 license can be used on NCS 1.1.1, and that it should work after an upgrade to CPI 1.2

What I do not know is if I can use the NCS 1.0 license after a new installation of an CPI 1.2 ova.  I'm not sure if the minor upgrade described in  the  CPI 1.2 ordering guide contains also a new PAK, or if it's only an upgrade right license.


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