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Problems with client handoff in wi-fi network


At the company where we have Wi-Fi network environment with access points Cisco AP 1832i and all APs are managed by a WLC 7510 with software version 8.3.143.

I have the following problem, if a notebook user is in one environment and connected to an AP that attends that room and the same one moves to another environment serviced by another AP, the user's notebook stays connected to the AP of the previous room when it could be connected to another AP that has the best signal strength at that moment, that is, Handoff does not occur. When the user disconnects the wi-fi card from the notebook and reconnects there, the connection happens to the AP with the best signal strength in the environment.

I know the handoff process is performed by the client, but I would like to see if there is any configuration that can be done in WLC to resolve or at least minimize this problem. I've heard of "handoff assist", where the access point, when it perceives that a client device is very low signal but still does not handoff, the AP itself disconnects, forcing the client to choose a new access point. Does this configuration exist in the WLC in the software version I have in WLC?

I thank the attention.

Rafael Santos

VIP Advocate

You can do that, but it might produce disconnects and high latencies for the clients. It's called "Client Load Balancing" and "Client Band Select".
First I suggest you disable all data rates below 18 Mbps on 2.4 and 5 GHz (if coverage is dense enough). If that doesn't help enough, make sure the clients have fairly updated Wi-Fi drivers (if using managed devices).
Lastly I suggest you have a look at this document:

What are your roaming Rssi values set at? 


If they are default or set high I would recommend setting them to a lower rate as that will assist with client roaming.