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Upgrade from NCS to Prime


I am trying to upgrade from NCS ver to Prime 1.2. With the script ncs_patch-

And everything runs smooth until Stage 6 of 7., when Updating Database Schema .. is starting

Stage 6 of 7: Updating Database Schema ...

             : This could take long time based on the existing data size.

                 Stage 1 of 5: Pre Migration Schema Upgrade ...

                                       -- complete. Time Taken : 0 hr, 0 min, 52 sec

                 Stage 2 of 5: Schema Upgrade ...

                               : This could take long time based on the existing data size.

Here everything stops. I have waited for 5 hours now is this normal?



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Upgrade from NCS to Prime

Depends on your database size, for me the whole upgrade took 5 hours.


Upgrade from NCS to Prime

How big is your deployment?  Like wim,  this took me forever.  Then again, alot of things in NCS/PI can take forever.

Upgrade from NCS to Prime

My deployment is 4st WISM2 controllers and 4st WISM controllers. It’s about 1500 st AP so it’s quit large deployment.

Finally after 7 hours is was OK. But this was not end of my problems. The login page appears OK, but I can’t use IE9 to access this web. (the page can’t be display). Had to use (Chrome) to login.

But when I had logged in all my Licenses and all my Maps where erased !!

Is it possible to restore Licenses + Maps from my old NCS database ???

Cisco Employee

Upgrade from NCS to Prime

It looks like you may be able to restore the data as it says here but you may need to simply export the database, install PI and restore.

Upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure

You can upgrade the following Cisco Prime Network Control System products to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2:

Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.0.0 (NCS 1.0 MR2,

Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1.0 (NCS 1.1 FCS,

Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1.1 (NCS 1.1 K MR1,

Cisco Prime Network Control System (WAN) 1.1.0 and Cisco Prime Assurance Manager 1.1.0 (NCS-WAN/PA 1.1 FCS,

Cisco Prime Network Control System (WAN) 1.1.1 and Cisco Prime Assurance Manager 1.1.1 (NCS-WAN/PA 1.1.1 MR1 FCS,

You can upgrade using either of the following methods:

1. Standard—Upgrades your existing system to version 1.2. All existing data is retained and you will be using the same size OVA at the end. The existing product will not be operational until the upgrade is complete. This is the normal option for most users. For details, see Performing a Standard Upgrade.

2. Migration—Allows you to back up the data from your existing system, install Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 as a new system, and restore the existing system's data to the new system. You can then decommission the old system. This option is preferred if you want to migrate to a larger OVA, cannot disturb your production system, or have a large network. For details, see Performing a Migration Upgrade.

Hi,I am planning to migrate a


I am planning to migrate a customer from NCS 1.1 to Cisco Prime 2.2, can I just backup the data from NCS 1.1 then restore it in the new Cisco Prime 2.2 without touching the existing NCS or would I still have to do the patch on NCS before taking a backup so that the database is compatible with Prime 2.2? Also can you point me to the document where I could the cli commands to take the backup from NCS .

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Here is some info, you can

Here is some info, you can find more info on the Prime Infrastructure 2.2 configuration guide

If You Are Upgrading From Previous Releases of Prime Infrastructure

This version of Prime Infrastructure does not offer an in-place upgrade. To upgrade to the latest version, you must instead install this version of Prime Infrastructure as a virtual appliance on a fresh server, or order it pre-installed on a fresh hardware appliance. You can then migrate your data from your old Prime Infrastructure installation to the new one, using an application backup from the previous installation.

If you are currently using one of the following versions of Prime Infrastructure, you can back up your existing data and then restore that data to a different server running Prime Infrastructure 2.2:

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1.2 (with the UBF patch)
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1.1 (with the UBF patch)
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4.2
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4.1
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure

If you are using a version earlier than or, you will need to upgrade your server to version (or version before taking the backup.


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Hi Scott,Can I do an inline

Hi Scott,

Can I do an inline upgrade for a SMALL deployment of NCS to Cisco Prime 1.4 here is the path I plan on taking : 


  1. Install patch ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz on existing
  2. Do an inline upgrade on to
  3. Take backup on
  4. Restore this backup on  new vm server with Cisco Prime 2.2 Installed 
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Re: Upgrade from NCS to Prime

I had a WCS to NCS in which the export took over 8 hours and the export zip file was around 16gb. So now when I have any WCS to NCS migrations, I usually run the export in the evening and then the import the next morning. The following day I finalize the NCS install.

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Upgrade from NCS to Prime

I attempted the restore from to prime 1.2 clean OVA install. The restore literally took over 40 hours. However when it completed all the services wouldn't start. Nms and health monitor failed. Talked to TAC and turns out there is a bug when restoring data to 1.2. The engineer told me that he has had many customers have the same issue.

My advice is stay in your current version until 1.2.x is out and vetted. I have lost 3 days trying to get this to work. Looks like it won't until 1.2 is fixed.

I am now trying to get back and working. Not easy either.

Just my $.02

John L.

Cisco Employee

Upgrade from NCS to Prime

Could you supply details of the bug that you are up against?


Upgrade from NCS to Prime

Sure.  I was provided this Bug ID from Level 1 Cisco TAC today:

CSCuc29378 Prime Infrastructure 1.2 won't start after a db restore from NCS1.1.1.24

Also, funny enough, I have been trying to restore my to a NCS install (since Prime 1.2 isn't working), and guess what?  There is an Oracle bug for THAT restore as well:

Bottom line for me is, I have to start from scratch with either 1.2 or - I will lose all of my historical data.

John L.


Upgrade from NCS to Prime

Im hitting the same problem! But with version 1.3.

I migrate the customer WCS to NCS Then i want to upgrade to version I installed the appropiate patch and upgrade to 1.3. After the upgrade process it is not possible to start the NCS Service completely. The NMS Service and the Health Monitor wont start!

Is there anybody else who has the same problems?


Upgrade from NCS to Prime

Hi ,

Have you resolved this issue ? I am facing the same issue mentioned by you ( NCS to PI 1.3).

Please shed some light .



Cisco Employee

Upgrade from NCS to Prime

The upgrade patch needs to be installed on the box prior to running the ncs migrate command.

1) install ncs

2) install patch (ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz or update patch 12)

3) run ncs migrate

4) upgrade to

start ncs

NCS will start when it's done in this order

BTW:: be sure to run the restore from a console session so the ssh session doesn't time out

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