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WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

I am using

I want to understand what the thresholds are for WCS alarm severity levels. For example, I received an alarm indicating it was low on disk space "did not meet the requirements", but I want to know whether I can adjust these thresholds? I know I can adjust them from Critical to Major etc. but I can not see anything that enables me to quantify these severity levels.

Can anyone help?



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Cisco Employee

Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

This is not a user customizable setting, and there is no control in any version of WCS to
turn that alarm off.  The best you can do is lower the level of the alarm. 
The free disk space alert an be deleted without issue.

I believe the error message indicates the required available space such as:

WCS 'x.x.x.x' does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for disk space.
Available: '14'GB. Minimum requirement: '30'GB.

E-mail will be suppressed up to 30 minutes for these alarms.

Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

Thank you. I suppose my question should be, what does each of these severity levels mean? So, if I change the level from critical to major what is the threshold in which WCS will alert?

Cisco Employee

Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

That is just classifying what level the operator wants the alarm to be viewed as.  You can then decide how to handle alerts and notifications for these levels of alarms.  The underlying thresholds that trigger the alarm are independent of the level and are not configurable for many alarms.


Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

Appreciate the response. Thank you


Do you know what alarms are configurable and how i could possibly change that?

Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

Your idea for being able to configure more in detail the thresholds levels is good. I recommend you to contact your sales / account team and ask them

to file a personnal enhancement request (PER) for this. Reporting this to our development will help make the product better!

Please support CSC Helps Haiti


Re: WCS Alarms - Configuring Thresholds

Indeed. I have contacted my account management team and requested they progress my request for development.

Thank you for the support.

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