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WCS not showing heatmaps correctly.

I have just installed the latest version of WCS and I have 14 1131 APs running on a 4402 WLC. WCS is only showing heatmap for one AP and the rest are just green showing being up. I have removed all APs and removed the floor plan as well, and started all over from scratch with exactly the same result. Has anyone run into this problem?

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Re: WCS not showing heatmaps correctly.

Try 'config rfid status disable' on WLC and save the configuartion.Heatmap might be also missing missing due to antenna not specified in WCS.Refer the following URL for more info on how to configure heatmap


Re: WCS not showing heatmaps correctly.

sorry - im getting a page cant be found on this link. Can you verify this please?


Re: WCS not showing heatmaps correctly.

There's a bug (CSCse83815) that causes APs to have their antenna types stored incorrectly. They claim to be what you expect when you hover over them, but something in the back end is broken.

You have to go to the AP placement menu, change all the antennas (b/g and a) of affected APs to "other", save, go back, and change them back to what they're supposed to be, save, and then the heatmap should appear correctly.

This happens with almost every AP we install and is really annoying. It shows currently up as "verified" so hopefully it gets eventually fixed.


Re: WCS not showing heatmaps correctly.

You might want to check the radio power levels on the AP's. If you have a dense AP deployment, the WLC may have auto-adjusted the power levels to a low enough point that the heat map doesn't appear.

A quick test would be to disable an AP and see if the heatmap appears on one of the other AP's.

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