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WCS to Prime 1.2 licensing


I am doing a migration from WCS 7.x to Prime 1.2

There is a WCS 7 to Prime 1.2 migration license pack that we have obtained. 

However, as I understand it, we need to install NCS first, import the WCS database and then carry on to do the NCS to Prime upgrade.  So we have the licenses for the final Prime 1.2 deployment.

When we get to NCS we cannot migrate off of the main login page until we apply an appropriate NCS license.  We were told by Cisco Sales that a temporary license can be generated for NCS by sending licensing the license XML file taken from WCS along with the VUDI and our license order info.  We have followed this path successfully once.  We sent the XML file to Cisco along with some other info and they returned a license we could use on NCS.  We then moved to Prime 1.2.  However on this occasion Cisco insist we need an NCS license.

I have moved from NCS 1.x to Prime 1.2 before and all the licenses have been retained.

So are Cisco telling me that to migrate from WCS 7 to Prime 1.2 I should license the NCS server and simply upgrade it to Prime 1.2 with no further licensing needing purchased ?   If so why is there a WCS to Prime 1.2 license pack ?

Or are Cisco saying we need the NCS license AND the Prime 1.2 licenses ?

Thanks for any input, St.

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Re: WCS to Prime 1.2 licensing

Well what I have been seeing in the field is that they have purchased the WCS to PI 1.2 but has the license for NCS 1.1. So I have always done the WCS to NCS applied the license and then upgraded to PI 1.2.

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WCS to Prime 1.2 licensing

Thanks for this too Scott.

I see that you could license NCS then move to Prime 1.2 without applying further licenses.  I have done this in a NCS to Prime upgrade.  Prime maintains the NCS licenses.  However there is a WCS to Prime 1.2 License SKU which we have ordered because we are starting from WCS on this occasion.  The licenses generated from these PAKs do not work on NCS

So it would seem that the WCS to Prime migration SKU does not include the necessary license to allow us to pass through NCS during the migration.

I think if we had ordered a WCS to NCS migration SKU we would have got the necessary NCS license.  We could then install that and carry on to Prime 1.2 with no further license requirements.  If that is the case why is there a WCS to Prime 1.2 migration SKU ?

We did resolve this issue before by following the advice of Cisco Sales.  We logged a call with licensing, supplied the exported WCS license XML file and the NCS VUDI and they gave us an NCS license.  However, on this occasion licensing are not so forthcoming.  They suggest we need a NCS 1.x licence. 

So either they are implying we need a NCS 1.x AND a Prime 1.2 license.  Or we should have bought a WCS to NCS migration license and the NCS to Prime migration license is useless because it does not allow us to pass through NCS as part of the migration process.

Thanks for any help on this, St.

WCS to Prime 1.2 licensing

Hi ,

Can we migrate license from WCS to Cisco Prime directly.

As we have tried upgrade Cisco NCS to PI and not successful.

Thanks much for your valuable time and support.



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