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Wireless stealing IP from wrong DHCP

I have a WLC 5508 with AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 and AIR-AP1815I-B-K9. The 5508 is running software version, I can't update this as this is the last version to run both types of APs. I have 3 DHCP servers one at each location. I have 3 different WLANs, one for each location.


My issue is that the APs pull their appropriate IPs from the correct DHCP servers at their location, but when a wireless device connects it is not pulling from the same ip range or DHCP as the APs, they are all pulling from one DHCP and stealing all the IPs for that location.


edit: I only truly have VLAN 1 at this time. I know this is not good, but that is how I inherited it and plan on switching it later. My WLC is also at site1 where the wireless devices are stealing their IPs from.

Site 1 - DHCP, WLC, APs and Wireless Devices pulling from correct pool

Site 2 - DHCP, APs pulling from correct pool, Wireless Devices pulling from Site1

Site 3 - DHCP, APs pulling from correct pool, Wireless Devices pulling from Site1

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Re: Wireless stealing IP from wrong DHCP


Please verify the WLAN to vlan mappings on the AP or if your using FlexConnect groups. Maybe the mapping defaulted.




not having the correct VLANS allowed on trunk ports.



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Re: Wireless stealing IP from wrong DHCP


I hate to say it but I only have one VLAN currently, I do plane on fixing it, but need to solve this. currently we are all on VLAN 1. Down the road I will use VLAN 10 (Data), Vlan 20 (Wifi), I have tested both of these but even VLAN 20 defaults to VLAN 1 ips. Those aps I may need to switch the VLAN mapping on to get to work properly. The switchports are configured with the proper vlan.


Re: Wireless stealing IP from wrong DHCP

The AP's acquire their IP's from the local switch.. the then tunnel into the WLC and establish their configured ssids. The SSID's get their IP from the controller interface (at the end of tunnel) to which they are linked. There is no association with the switch/ap addressing and that of the SSID's.
Might be time to start over.
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