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WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK



I have deployed a new SSID with FlexConnect local switching using PSK and marked FlexGroup WLAN to ACL mapping.

My clients are able to connect to SSID, get a valid IP. But when I try to ping the device, the success rate is 10% only. Even if I try to ping from gateway, same results.


If I use FlexConnect and WLAN-VLAN mapping, do I need to create a virtual dynamic interface on WLC?

AP have the local VLAN interface, but still 90% of ping fails to the device connected to that AP.

AP - 2602

WLC - 5508 - 8.5


Any ideas?




Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

No, you don't need to if you do local switching. The fact that you are getting an IP address shows that your VLAN mapping is correct.

Assuming that you verified your RF environment is healthy, did you try to ping from the end device to the default gateway? Some devices like IPT phones drop inbound icmp echo requests as a protection mechanism which gives you an impression there is any problem with connectivity.



Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

I don't have command line access to the end device as it is an IP Camera. I connected a laptop to that SSID and it works fine.
I can ping that Camera on Wi-Fi but success rate is like 10% only, and that to those successful ping have delay more than 500ms.

Strange thing I observed that when I move same AP to a different AP group, the camera works fine, no drop, I can access over HTTP as well. I checked both AP group settings, they are exactly same, except different number of SSID published.

How could AP group affect the camera, while laptop works fine. Camera is using 802.11bn. Both AP groups have same RF profile.

Any ideas?

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Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

Look at the number of SSID’s broadcasting on each AP group and also the settings for the RF profile if used. Can also be data rate setting that differ between the groups.
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Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

Yes, there is a difference between the Operation Rate Set of both APs. The AP on which camera works, supports lower data rates as well, whereas other one do not.


But both AP group same RF profile, how can I change the data rates for other AP group?




Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

Actually both AP group are using different RF profile for 2.4GHz but names are very similar, so just missed it.

The working AP group have lower rates enabled, whereas the other AP group starts from 11Mbps.

I will change the RF profile and test.


Thank you

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Re: WLAN client packets drops - FlexConnect with PSK

If your camera only supports 802.11g or even worse just 802.11b, replace it. You will lose a LOT of theoretical bandwidth otherwise, like 80% or so. Get a camera that supports at least 802.11n, better 802.11ac.
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