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WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

Hi All, I have some legacy hardware that I would like to perform firmware upgrades to and have a few questions. 


I have 2504 licensed for 10 AP's running software version I would like to upgrade this to the latest firmware AIR-CT2500-K9-8-0-140-0.aes. 


In addition I have 5 AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 running:

  • primary software version
  • IOS version12.4(25e)JA$
  • Boot version

I am wondering if someone can let me know what the best way to go about upgrading is. 


1. Will I have to manually upgrade the AP's to the latest Cisco Lightweight AP IOS software (15.3.3-JD8) or will they be upgraded after the controller is done? 


2. Will I need to reinstall the existing base count AP license? 


3. Should I do the upgrade on the AP's first and upgrade the controller after? 





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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

Hello @tcalandrino

You don't need to worry about AP, only WLC. Once the WLC is upgraded all the APs will be as well automatically.

 You don't need to worry about license as well.

This AP model allows you to upgrade to version This is the last version for this AP model.


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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

This is great information definitely helpful. Just to make sure I understand the process. After the WLC is updated the the new firmware will be automatically pushed to the AP's?


How long does this process usually take? 


Can you confirm the firmware i have is the latest for my 2504? AIR-CT2500-K9-8-0-140-0.aes

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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

The process don't take too much. Depends on your network of course but if everything happens as expected i'd say 30 minutes.

 You can pre download images on the APs but considering small numbers this is not required.

 And yes, as soon as wlc were upgraded it will reboot and all AP will upgraded as well.

 The last software version for 2504 is 8.5.


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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

ok great i was thinking to do this now, but it looks like I have 8.0 and that is the only one i see on the Cisco website. Can you let me know where you are seeing the 8.5?  







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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

You can see here in table 3:

Table 3 Cisco WLC Platform Support in Software Releases

Cisco WLC Platform
First Support
Last Support








However, is up to Cisco keep or not some releases available to download.

  Best place to look is actually cisco software downloads page.


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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

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Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

Once the upgrade to the WLC is complete, the WLC will automatically push the firmware down to the APs.  

Don't forget to upgrade the FUS.  Release Notes (including instructions) about FUS 2.0.0 can be found HERE

I would also recommend you delay or postpone your upgrade until the new software fix will be released in the next few days.  This new software fix will address the KRACK vulnerabilities. 



Re: WLC 2504 firmware upgrade

Does the FSU need to be upgraded first of can it be after? 


With the AP's I have I cannot push the firmware to the latest version. Is it safe to assume version below 8.5 will be patched? 


Also, a little bit off topic but related because it's part of the reason for upgrading. Apple Airplay will not work on the same SSID and VLAN. Everything I am reading saying this is addressed in new firmware releases with mDNS. I've tried many things to remedy this, but until the upgrade is done do you have any workaround ideas? 

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