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wlc 4402 4.2.61 unable to add mac entry to database, reached max size

Hi All,

When I try to add new MAC entrys to the WLC I get the following message

unable to add mac entry to database, reached  max size

the problem is when I look at the stats there is only 386 MAC entry and the databse size was set to 1024 entry !!!

The work around was  to increase the size of the database  to 2048

Is there any why to clean up the database ?

Thanks in advace for you help


wlc 4402 4.2.61 unable to add mac entry to database, reached ma

well, the database isn't just the macfilter.  It's your excluded clients, any usernames etc.

You can do a show database summary to get an idea of what all is taking up space.  But IIRC you need to upgrade beyond to get them.


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Re: wlc 4402 4.2.61 unable to add mac entry to database, reached

Hi Stephen

Thanks for you reply

Yes you are right the database it's all MACs plus users, plus excluded clients; AP MICs etc

I've just read myself and my orginal poste wasn't clear enough, sorry about that

the database summury is showing 1031 entries if I do the maths of what I've got all inclusive I cant find more than 500 entries I'm trying to figure out where the other 500 entries are coming from, I suspect that when I create guest users acounts which are valid only for a period of time when they expire the entry on the WLC database is not released even if the account is not showing up  ?

is there any way to see all the entries and get rid of the unnecessary ones under ?

Thanks !


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