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WLC with Cisco ACS local management user authenticatin failed

Hi Support,

We are using Cisco WLC 2504 (version We tried to authentication our local management user to cisco secure ACS 5.4 but failed. Please suggest us how can we deploy it.

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you are trying to

Sounds like you are trying to deploy tacacs with 5.4 ? 


Here os a video ..

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Within the greater context of

Within the greater context of two major AAA protocols—RADIUS and TACACS+—ACS provides the following basic areas of functionality:

  • Under the framework of the RADIUS protocol, ACS controls the wired and wireless access by users and host machines to the network and manages the accounting of the network resources used.

ACS supports multiple RADIUS-based authentication methods that includes PAP, CHAP, MSCHAPv1, MSCHAPv2. It also supports many members of the EAP family of protocols, such as EAP-MD5, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-FAST, and EAP-TLS.

In association with PEAP or EAP-FAST, ACS also supports EAP-MSCHAPv2, EAP-GTC, and EAP-TLS. For more information on authentication methods, see Authentication in ACS 5.4.

  • Under the framework of the TACACS+ protocol, ACS helps to manage Cisco and non-Cisco network devices such as switches, wireless access points, routers, and gateways. It also helps to manage services and entities such as dialup, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and firewall.

ACS is the point in your network that identifies users and devices that try to connect to your network. This identity establishment can occur directly by using the ACS internal identity repository for local user authentication or by using external identity repositories.

For example, ACS can use Active Directory as an external identity repository, to authenticate a user to grant the user access to the network. For more information about creating identities and supported identity services, see Chapter8, “Managing Users and Identity Stores”

ACS provides advanced monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting tools that help you administer and manage your ACS deployments. For more information on the monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting capabilities of ACS, see Chapter 11, “Monitoring and Reporting in ACS”.

For more information about using ACS for device administration and network access scenarios, see Chapter4, “Common Scenarios Using ACS”

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Authentication of Management

Authentication of Management Users on Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) Configuration

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