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AIR-CAP702i - Set to Autonomous Mode


Pre-Sales support advised that the 702i will operate as a stand alone AP in autonomous mode.  When I purchased the device it came with instruction for setting up the device but only in a controller based configuration.  I see the mode button on the device but the documentation says it will do a factory reset for only Autonomous mode AP's.

I called for support but the support rep said the device does not qualify for technical support, only hardware support or replacement.  I find it hard to believe Cisco is selling a product but not providing documentation on how to fully configure the device and then saying over the phone they will not help with a configuration questions.

How do I get the device into Autonomous mode?

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Eric Moyers
Rising star
Rising star

My name Eric Moyers. I am an Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. 

I am very sorry for the disconnect between you and the Presales Rep that you spoke with. The CAP702I is, as you have found out, truly controller based. I am not sure, but I feel that maybe the Sales Rep was referring to the SAP720i, the difference be as I am sure that you can tell is the C and the S one meaning Controller and the other Stand Alone. I hope that this clears up the misunderstanding. I would check with the vendor you purchased it from, they should be willing to swap it out for you.

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert

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