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Apple computers are disconnected from the AP WAP321 continuously

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Good day, now settled into our new Cisco network equipment, the Access Point WAP321 Wizard is configured with no additional settings for security, the Laptops (Windows) and phone (BB) connect with no problem and no faults or disconnection problems, however the Mac Book Ipads and disconnect continuously, that I can change in the acces point for this not to happen again or happen less, or the problem is on Apple machines. Thanks for your help

Equipos Apple se desconectan continuamente de el AP WAP321

Buen  dia, actualmente instalamos en nuestra red equipos Cisco Nuevos, los  Acces Point WAP321 se configuraron con el Wizard no hay ninguna  configuracion adicional en cuanto a seguridad, las Laptops (Windows) y  telefonos (BB) se conectan sin ningun problema y no hay fallas o  problemas de desconexion, sin embargo las Ipads y Mac Book se deconectan  continuamente, que puedo modificar en los acces point para que esto no  vuelva suceder o suceda menos, o el problema esta en los equipos Apple.  Gracias por su ayuda.

Ruy Uzeta

Soporte Tecnico

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Apple products have a history of not working well with the AES encryption in WPA2.  Try changing the security to WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal using TKIP encryption.


Christopher Ebert

Network Support Engineer - Cisco Small Business Support Center


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Thanks Chistoper Ebert

This is the security settings will not let me disable the AES option.

If you have it set to WPA-Personal AES is not an option.  AES is only an option with WPA2.  Try disabling WPA2 so that it is no longer in mixed mode.

The setting we want is WPA-Personal only, with TKIP.

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

Ok, so I will, with that configuration proves thank you very much