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Connecting an SPA 3102 after the computer


I am moving to a house in a fairly remote part of Australia without a telephone connection. To get the phone connected will be very expensive and take considerable time. I have mobile phone and wireless internet connection available but only with the most expensive provider. I am not a big user of the phone but every now and then, I have to make one of those calls that go through adozen menus and then leave you on hold for an hour, theb type of call that can send you bankrupt using a mobile service.

My proposed solution is to have a prepaid wireless internet account, using a USB dongle connected to my computer as the internet connection. Then to connect either a SPA3102 or a PAP 2T between the computer and a handset and use a VOIP service such as Voipcheap to make calls. With this setup, I would have unlimited landline calls within Australia for around $50 per year, much less that something like Skype.

Can I do this and if so, how? I have both devices and they are both presently configured to work connected to my Linksys gateway. Do I connect the computer to the LAN or eithernet of the SPA 3102 and will it just require a normal LAN cable? How do I assign the various addresses required? Do I need any extra software for my computer?

John Adams

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Sorry I asked.

Hi John -- Thanks for participating in the Small Business Support Community. Please consider posting in the section dedicated to Australia/New Zealand here:


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

I didn't actually participate because no one answered me. My question is not location specific. I can't see any point in trying to get help from these forums and have been unable to get any support from Cisco either so I won't be purchasing any more of Cisco's products.

John Adams

Hi, John. This is Leah Davis from Cisco's Small Business team in Australia. If convenient, could you please give me a call at (02)84465506 or email at Hoping I can catch up with you live to address your concerns.

Many thanks,


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