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Does the AP541N have any reporting capability?

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Hi All, Is there anyway to create reports for general user activity on the 541N?  For example, can I somehow create a report on how many clients accessed the AP each day and for how long.  Nothing really detailed, just basic reporting.  Is this possible with the 541N?

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi David, the AP supports SNMP.

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Hi Tom, I noticed that but would that allow me to pull user stats from the 541N?  If so, any recommendation on how to accomplish?

Searched and read the manual but I do not see any pertinent info on what SNMP can do for the AP541N.  Anyone ever set this up?  All I really need to be able to do is pull the number of devices that connected during a day, week and month.

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Level 1

Hi David,

Please refer to these articles for further information about configuring SNMP:

SNMP User configuration

SNMP Groups configuration

SNMP Views configuration

Also, in order for SNMP to work properly, it must be enabled. To enable SNMP go to SNMP > General, and under SNMP General Settings, click Enabled.