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Mysterious wireless disconnects


                   At a local library I have a Cisco/Linksys RVS4000 router doing all the DHCP assignment. Attached to it are 2 WAP200 wireless access points at opposite ends of the building. The WAPs provide all the public internet access. All staff computers are hard-wired to a hub/switch that connects to the RVS4000.


I have no problem with the wired computers but wireless connections have become a nightmare. Here is what typically happens. A patron with a notebook computer will attempt to connect to the wireless network (unsecured). It will successfully receive it's IP address from the router but will not connect to the internet. Today I was connected myself all morning but had to go elsewhere with my computer. When I returned I could connect wirelessly to the network in the usual manner but had NO internet access.

Either a software or hardware reboot of the router seems to fix things for a period of time. After a reboot I was able to connect to the internet again. This is most annoying as I am only in this library one day a week.

I put a device on the router to power it down every midnight for 5 minutes. Only a small amount of progress there.

... and YES, I have replaced the router with an identical model to no avail... Suggestions anyone?

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Hi Denis,

Thank you for contacting Cisco Small Business Forum.

As a step one, may I suggest to verify that all of your devices are on the latest firmware:


RVS4000 (make sure that you download the correct one based on the version of your device):

Second, make sure that you take out any spaces or special characters from your SSID, it's just not recommended.

Third, in WAP200, under the Wireless-->Advanced Wireless settings there is CTS Protection mode.  Change it to auto.

Also, did you try to scan your wireless environment to see the interference?  If not, you might consider to do so.  There is nice tool called inSSIDer you can download to your laptop and then scan your network.  You might need to changed the channel on your WAPs to something else to avoid the interference.

Hope that helps.


Alena Patterson

Cisco SBSC engineer


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