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Seperate access to Guest and INternal emp./

srikanth ath
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Level 4


Software Version:
Local MAC Address:C8:9C:1D:27:19:4A

Hello i have two WAP4410N wireless router. with software version ( , here i have a problem on SSID broadcast and access .. i have created Two ssid's WC72 and SREE with same security configuration WPA2-personalmixed . i cant see the broadcasted SSID of name SREE ... where i only view WC72 and get connected to it.... i have checked through the settings nothing i could find, can anyone please help me out.

where i intially want is seperate SSID and internal network access for internal employees and Guests(shouldnt connect to internal network).



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Hi Srikanth,

Can you please update the firmware of your wireless access point WAP4410N?

Here is the link of the latest firmware:

(a login/cisco username is required!)

There were some issues with some older firmware regarding “multiple SSIDs not showing” under certain conditions,

but these were fixed with newer firmware version.

Please let me know the outcome of the upgrade and if the issue is fixed by firmware upgrade.




thanks for the update in providing the Firmware. will Upgrade it .

here i need help On seggregating Guest vlans and Internal employees vlan

Dhcp is configured on the L3 switch itself.

I Want to give access to my employees internal server through WI-fi . where i  have L3 switch  connected  to server gi 1/0/1 ( and AP at port gi 1/0/2. how can segregate or seperate the internal user employees with access to servers and guest users directly access internet with different vlan No.through gateway connected to L3 switch. where wifi port has to be given a different VLAN no.

the users internal and guest should get different IP subnet .

1) inthe above case How should i configure the connected port of a switch to AP.

2) what modifications to be done on Ap.


this is not a problem with the WAP4410N, all you have to do is to assign the different SSID's to different VLAN ID's

do the following steps:

- configure 2 SSID's (already done in your case)

- go to Wireless > VLAN & QoS

- enable VLAN, check the radio button enabled

- configure the VLANs as appropriate

- change under VLAN tag: to "tagged"

- configure the appropriate VLAN IDs (they have to match the numbers on the switch)

- save the config

- configure the switch in trunk/tagged/general mode (depends on the switch model/vendor)

and allow the 2 VLAN ID's on it (guest vlan probably will be tagged and the "normal" vlan is your native/untagged)

- do NOT allow inter-vlan routing between the 2 different VLAN's



thanks a lot Dasasse



Just a quick note to add that login is not required for the majority of Small Business firmware downloads, including the WAP4410N. If you're prompted for a login, try clearing your cache and opening a new browser.


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

Hello all

I had an issue.

upgraded the firmware, added SSID with different VLan numbers. everything went good. i can access the WAP but couldnt connect to internet where i can ping from connected WAP to Gateway of our network . but couldnt connect to internet.

the status on the connected WAP says. Limited access. No internet access.......

Any help guys. is there any problem with my laptop searched through online restarted the Netsh service of TCP and all .. but lost couldnt connect to internet and the status still shows No internet access..\\

Really pissed on with WAP4410N working with it from 4days. atlast connected to WAP and the new issue arises with no internet access...



Hi Srikanth,

I am sorry to hear that you are facing more issues.

To further troubleshoot we have 2 options,

we can go on like now (per forum) which will be a little slow and inefficient or

you are calling our Cisco Small Business Support (most countries can call their national hotline for free!)

and you can get instant support and me or my colleagues can create a webex session to check the WAP settings.

(please have your Cisco username and the serial number of the device ready!)

next proposed troubleshooting steps:

- is this happening on both SSID's / VLAN's ?

- do you use DHCP for the clients? (which device provides the DHCP?)

- when yes, do you get a dhcp ip address assigned?

- can you ping the gateway provided? has the gateway internet access?

- can you ping or from the clients and the switch?

- the access point is connected to a L3 switch, right?

Does the L3 switch have a default route to the internet/router?

- did you configure the switch with a trunk and allowing all necessary VLAN's?

When you can reach the gateway on both SSID's , and getting different IP-addresses assigned to the clients (within different subnets), I would say, that everything seems to be fine on the WAP.



And here i found one more thing.

i can ping frm administration page of WAP4410N to all internet web pages . where before i couldnt ping them.

but now i understood like its the problem with my laptop or SSID connectivity access point.......where i can ping all the internal network after connecting to WAP frm laptop

but couldnt access outside the network. thersnt any acces list or deny state. to stop

if i dint get any help will try to call customer care.

thanks  for the time



Because this is not anymore a question about configuration, I really would suggest you to call our hotline (Link was provided in an earlier of my posts) and get help there, if assistance with the troubleshooting is needed. Maybe you should run some packet traces(span/port mirroring) to see if everything is "right" when the packets from the wireless clients are send, compared to the AP itself. Maybe you can spot some differences already.

I still do not know what kind of L3 Switch you have and which debug/show command possibilities you have on this device but I hope it offers some possiblities to track down the issue.

Another possibility is to remove all the multiple SSID/VLAN settings and just test with 1 SSID and 1 VLAN, to see if everything is working fine then.