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WAP 321 Speed Issues

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Level 1

I have 4 - WAP321's that were configured using the 2.4GHZ radio WPA2/AES all plugged into a Cisco Gigabit Switch.  The issue I was having was that the file transfers for a 972MB file were taking 9 minutes to complete.  I recently switched over to the 5Ghz radio and now it takes less than 1 minute to copy the same file.  

Does anyone know why the 2.4Ghz radios are so slow on these Cisco WAP 321's? 

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Clayton Sill
Level 1
Level 1

Hello Patrick,

     It could be a couple reasons but were you using 20mhz band or 40mhz band? Also there could just be a lot of wireless interfance going on the 2.4ghz that is slowing your speeds down. Usually no one is using 5ghz so there may not be anyone on those channels around your area.

Do you know what your wireless speeds were on your network card between 2.4ghz to 5ghz? If you can stick to 5ghz though that is the way to go but the problem usually with this is that fact that there isn't a lot of wireless device that can connect to 5ghz.

Hope that helps out.


Clayton Sill