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WAP121 doesn't work correctly with firmware

Level 1
Level 1


I just upload firmware1.0.1.10 on 2 WAP121.

After the update and reboot, I was able to confirm the firmware version in the System Summary menu. The update is uneventful.

However, the functions WDS Bridge and WorkGroup Bridge no longer works on two WAP121:

- For WDS Bridge, when I configure a Remote MAC Address with WPA

Encryption and then I click on the Save button, nothing happens there. But it works well when I choose without Encryption.

- For WorkGroup Bridge, when I click on the Save button (even without changing the configuration), I have a message "Certificate file uploaded successfully" and another error message in the background: "error occured for query you send path . device.sync ... " firmware is not available on your site, it is imposible for me to go back.

Can you help me?

thank you

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Eric Moyers
Level 7
Level 7

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

What browser are you using when this happens?


Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Advanced Support Engineer

SBSC Wireless and Surveillance SME

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless



I use IE9 and Firefox 15.0.1. The problem is actually related to the browser because I do not have the same symptoms with one or the other. However I did not encounter any difficulties with the previous firmware version (

I finally managed to configure my WAP121 juggling IE and Firefox.

thank you