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WAP321 E-Mail Alert blank

Holger Ronecker


I have a WAP321 here, which is running at firmware version The E-Mail Alert setup works for me, meaing I receive notification E-Mails from the Access Point.

I am wondering however, why those E-Mails are blank, meaning, I only receive header information (to, from, date, subject) but no body content. I was expecting to receive the error message as content of the E-Mail Alert.

Is something wrong with the setup of the Access Point or are my expectations off?

best regards,


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any news on the subject?

the problem still remains the same.

Hello Sir, Thanks for bumping this subject. 

We are still working on it. I have created a case and escalated it to our level 2 Group for review.  That group works closely with the Business Unit and Development team.

As of yet there is no current determination or set date on when they can get back with an answer.

I do know that the issue may revolve around Microsoft Exchange. The customer that I have been working with has switched to using Linux Post-Fix (I think that was the name) and it works perfectly, no issues.

Eric Moyers
Concentrix at Cisco.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Eric Moyers | Subject Matter Expert | Cisco Technical Support | 


happy birthday dear error, happy birthday to you. You are now two years old.


Ok, sarcasm aside, any news on the subject?
I am currently on and the error still persists.


I can offer two additional pieces of information.

1) Yes, it seems to be an Exchange problem. For testing purpose I used the Papercut application, and with it I received the body part of the message. 

2) I can offer you an Exchange SMTP transcript of the send session. I would send it via PM, as it contains personal information.

I somehow suspected the shadow redundancy which was introduced in Exchange 2010. I disabled it on the send connector did not help.


I am still interested in an solution to this problem


Please contact me if you need any more information.



My name Eric Moyers. I am an Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.

I have an update on this issue. This problem has been seen in our WAP500 series as well.

According to the developers, the issue seems to be an IOT issue with MS Exchange. I say this because the only problem occurs when using MS Exchange. It was not seen when using  when using a gmail account or Linux with Postfix, email were delivered and information was in the body of the email.

Our developers are working to fix this problem. There is not a estimated release date as of yet.

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Technical Support | Wireless and Surveillance Subject Matter Expert

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It's been 6 months.  Any updates on this?  We have 3 clustered WAP561 AP's that have the same problem.  No firmware updates have fixed it.

We only use MS Exchange.


This issue should be fixed in the release for the WAP561. What version are you currently running?

I can check to see if this has been applied to the WAP321, but this is the first report I have seen that someone was having this issue on the WAP 300 series.

Eric Moyers

Thanks for your quick reply.  I just updated to the firmware on all 3 WAP561 AP's and everything appears to be working correctly.  Thanks!

"...this is the first report I have seen that someone was having this issue on the WAP 300 series"


Uhmmmm, really?  Please look at the very first post from 2 years ago that started this discussion with the topic title: WAP321 E-Mail Alert blank

My apologies, I am familiar with the issue, I meant "this is the first report in a while". My fingers typed to fast.

We had a several cases from the WAP500's that were escalated.and beta firmware was generated and published. I don't know of any where the customer has pursued an escalation for WAP321. 

If you would be willing to call in and open a case with one of our phone engineers. we can get this escalated fairly quickly to Level 2 They would handle cases like this and work with our development team to resolve the issue.

Eric Moyers


Eric Moyers
Rising star
Rising star

Just to let let everyone know, I have been out a couple of days but I am still testing on this.


Eric Moyers

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