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WAP321 RADIUS server attributes

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Level 1

Hello everyone.

I have several WAP321 access points deployed in the network as standalone units and they're working well. Now I'm trying to set up centralized RADIUS server authentication (WPA2-Enterprise) for wireless users using FreeRADIUS.

WAP321 web configuration is easy and straightforward (RADIUS server IP and key defined in global configuration and then WPA2-Enterprise is selected in VAP/SSID security configuration), but I can't find RADIUS configuration examples (user attributes, etc) anywhere on the web. Every document I could search, just shows screenshot from WAP web menu and nothing about server side at all...

Can anybody give me configuration example for user with relative attributes?

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Level 1

Hello, my name is Jonathan and I am part of the Small Business Department.

Here you have the admin guide of the unit please check page 113 and as well the second link shows the step by step. Thanks 

Hello Jonathan. Thank you for the reply.

I've checked both those resources, but they're describing AP side configuration (which I've already done). What I'm trying to find is an example of RADIUS server configuration itself. What RADIUS attributes do I have to use on my server, to successfully authenticate users who try to connect to SSID?