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WAP371 replacement wall mounting kit


Hi - just signed up to the forums for some advice...


I have a WAP371 which I do not have the correct wall mounting kit for


I have searched the internet and I am really confused


Can anyone assist here where I would find the correct replacement part as I have spent a long time looking and am totally stuck


Thanks for any advice!

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If no one knows would anyone please point me to the forum I need to be asking in?

Anything is greatly appreciated here!

Any luck with this? It is surprising how difficult it is to find these mounting kits!

Maybe try eBay.

First place I checked way before resorting to a forum for advice

That was the first place I looked - without luck. Hence, my inquiry on the forums.
Thanks anyway for replying to my question!

Nowhere. Mine is table top now

It appears so. The closest I have found is to purchase a "for parts only - not working" WAP371 off eBay and the lowest price I have found is around $40 (which is slightly less than the average price I have been buying the units for).
Thank you for replying to my inquiry. Should I eventually locate a solution that works (i.e. a mounting bracket comparable to the WAP371), I will update my prior post.
Thanks again!

Last weekend I spoke with Cisco technical support for about 1/2hr trying to find the part.  They were very kind but unable to help.  I have been emailing back and forth with them (today) to find the part.  Basically, I am not OK with them telling me they don't know.  I also called PreSales - separately. I spoke with someone there that was going to research the issue and get back to me.  That could mean a lot of things.  The last thing I said in my emails was "There has to be a way to get this part replaced – somebody makes them somewhere. 

Can you escalate this to a supervisor if you cannot help?"

I will keep you posted.

Buy a whole WAP371 unit with the bracket off eBay.  Keep the bracket and resale the unit for a little less without the bracket.

Hey Dan,

Did you ever get a resolution to you issue with the mounting bracket ? I am looking for one also.


Forgive my ignorance, but is that a thing "for parts only" on Ebay?

I would buy a working model.  "Parts only" would worry me.


Hi All,

I had the same problem so I knocked up a compatible bracket in Tinkercad.  If you have access to a 3D printer you can now print your own solution:

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