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WAP551 & WAP561 Single Point Cluster

Level 1
Level 1

I have read conflicting comments about the Cisco SMB Series 500 Wireless Access Points when used in the same Single Point Cluster. For example:-

Cisco WAP551 Administration Manual  page 154...

"STEP 1 -- Plan your Single Point Setup Cluster. Be sure the two or more WAP devices you want to cluster are compatible with each other. For example, Cisco WAP551 devices can only cluster with other WAP551 or WAP561 devices".

So YES, the two variants CAN BE MIXED.

KB Article ID: 4434...

Single Point Setup Configuration on WAP551 and WAP561 Access Points...

Within 'Objective' under Note:

"The following rules are to be followed before the configuration:

* A cluster can be created only among the same model of WAP devices. WAP551 and WAP561 cannot form (a) cluster with each other".

So NO, the two variants CANNOT BE MIXED.

Both these Cisco documents cannot be correct!

As I am considering purchase of 1xWAP561 + 2xWAP551s, a clear answer would help clarify whether or not I should settle for 3xWAP551s, or perhaps step up to 3xWAP561s instead. I would prefer to operate these as a Single Point Cluster. Comments from anyone with actual experience of using these WAPs will be most welcome.



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