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Weak signal for WAP4410N

Joseph Candullo
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a  WAP4410N connected to an ethernet switch and the signal is very weak when attempting to connect to the AP from 4 rooms away. The structure is all block and the signal does not do well between the solid walls. I would like to roam from room to room on the same SSID. I would appreciate if someone can suggest me how to have the second WAP4410N repeat the original signal and reaplify it from the first WAP to solve this issue. Also, I cannot connect the second WAP to the ethernet switch it must be wireless. Thanks in advance.


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Level 6
Level 6


If you're just going to repeat the signal from one AP to another then Configure your

Second AP in repeater mode-

Both AP's need to have same SSID,Same Encryption, Same Channel.

Your First AP will be AP mode, with a little check in the box that says allow this signal to be repeated. Add the repeaters

MAC address below the check box.

Now under the second WAP4410N in repeater mode and it will require the MAC address of your First AP.

You might want to use a program called inSSIDer to map out the best possible location for both AP's for optimal coverage.

Hope this helps,