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Michael Sales

1130 Radio Mounting Best practice

Hi Everyone.

In discussions with cisco and other users, we are confused on mounting and radio coverage practices.

should we be mounting the radio vertically with the ethernet to the side or Horizontal to the floor (drop ceiling).

According to others, if the AP is mounted vertically (wall mount) and the ethernet entering from the bottom, the radio plane is north and south (coverage would be up and down).

Anyone have more clear info on this?

Does anyone have

Rising star

mount it on the ceiling with the AP pointing towards the floor. that's what their built in antennas were designed for.


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Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply. I do agree with you.

I have a Cisco certified company who designs and installs wireless who are telling some of our Customers otherwise. They are stating the AP's should be hung vertically (wall mount) with the ethernet entering to the left side due to the internal OmniDirectional Radio.

I have read nothing in Cisco Doc's to make this statement true.

I have been told by Cisco that due to Location tracking algorithms on LWAPP configured 1130's that the Horizontal mount is official. Notice the "LWAPP" !!!! and does this still hold true for Autonomous 1130AP's?

Yes, doesnt matter if the AP is LWAPP or Autonomous - the antenna is still the same. LWAPP vs. Autonmous is just the software that is running on the AP - hardware doesnt change. :)


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Hi Brad,

Thanks again for a speedy reply. with regards to my obviously "miscalculated" LWAPP statement. I was mostly concerned with the Location tracking algorithms on the IOS! but, ...thanks for setting me straight with the " least common denominator" statement. I do understand the hardware won't change. :)

I'm wondering if you have any links to an official Cisco document with these statements? I want some ammunition!! if you know what I mean. :)

Thanks again for a technically "amusing morning. have a nice day.


I have never seen any exect radiation pattern of the AP1130. But Cisco says there are two omnidirectional diversity antenna. The AP can be mounted on the wall verticaly and below the ceiling horizontaly as well. I performed some inacurate measuring. The signal is the same in all directions except the back. So if you would like to cover a room hang the AP in the center of the ceiling OR put the AP verticaly on some wall. Never put the AP above a suspend ceiling face side to the ceiling.


Moreover in the vertical mount case it doesn't depend on the AP rotation. Cisco recomends take a paper clip and rotate the Cisco logo to the readeble position. It is the only issue 8-).

I would only mount the 1131's on the ceiling facing downward, if I need an ap on a wall I would use a 1242.

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