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1262n Acces Point

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Level 1

Hi All,

Just wondering how to maximize the throughput of this device. It is currently in G mode and I don't see how to set it to N mode.

I am also wondering if I connected all six antennas verus only using four if this  would help increase the range?

Does positioning of the device make a difference? I noticed when the device is line of sight and the top of the unit is facing the direction I need, the signal seems much stronger.

Here is the setup. I have two building I am trying connect. The cable modem, router and access point are located in the same building. I am trying to cover ~400 feet. Once in the building second building which is ~400 feet, the signal degrades as soon as the Acces Point is out of sight. Do I need to put a signal booster to broadcast the signal throughout the second building?


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Saravanan Lakshmanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

N mode works on open or wpa2-aes only.

If only 2 antennas used per radio then Diversity will not happen, speed and range will be reduced, retransmission and disconnection increases. Out of 3 radio ports 2 are Tx cum Rx while the other is Rx only. However, you can disable unused radio ports if antenna is not connected on it.

Positioning and alignment is very important for the antennas, based on available h and e plane radio pattern.

Looks like it is pt to pt setup, What antenna model, type are you using.

Antennas for N APs.

Types of antennas:

2  air-ant5135dw-r

2  air-ant2422dw-r

So you recommend that I add two additional antenna of the same model and type or something different.

Also what would you recomend to boost the signal in the second building


N modes works in open mode but there is no wpa2-aes to choose

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