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1310 as a bridge and AP

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Can a 1310 bridge operate also an Access point? I know the 350 series bridges could not work as an AP, but in the Cisco documentation it states that the 1310 is a wireless bridge/AP. If it can work as an AP can both the bridge and the AP features be turned on simultaneously?

My toplogy is such

1310Bridge------1310Bridge-----wireless clients

Is this possible?Can I have P2P wireless link set up and then have wireless clients associate with the 1310 bridge?

I am thinking not but I wanted to make sure

If it can double as an AP is that the default setting, I am hoping it can be turned off.

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Level 4
Level 4

The 1310 can be configured as an access point or a bridge. The following URL shows and explains the roles in the radio network.

With the setting of Root it configures the access point/bridge as a root access point/bridge. In this mode, you establish a link with a non-root access point/bridge. In this mode, the access point/bridge also accepts associations from clients.

Install mode is the 1310's default mode. All of this is explained in the URL above.

Level 1
Level 1

a 1310 in root bridge mode can also accept wireless client associations, however in non-root mode it cannot. That feature is not yet available.

Is this something that can be turned of in root mode i.e. the ability to have wireless clients associate ?in our case this could be a security issue since the client does not need this feature and does not have any wireless clients.

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