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1552 Access point as WGB


Hi All,

I have a 1552eu AP which doesnt have a possibility to be connected to LAN/WAN connection. Can we convert it to autonomous and use it in Bridge mode or any other option to provide network access to clients.

WLC <--FlexConnect-> 1552 AP <--No LAN/WAN--> 1552 <--> Clients.


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Scott Fella
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I don't think it would be supported as there isn't any documentation really for that. You can convert it to autonomous and try to set that up as a WGB if you want, but your best bet is really to setup one of your other AP's as a Mesh RAP and then have the 1552 mesh to that AP.

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But heere the WLC is a 7500, which I think does not supports MESH. Does it?

The 7500 only support FlexConnect.... so why did you purchase the 1552?  You might as well just get a 2602/3602 autonomous and use that as a WGB.  Like I said, you can try to load the autonomous code on the 1552 and configure that as a WGB.  I don't know if you will have that option of not, because that would be a very exensive WGB.



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