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1815T office extend vs DTLS license


Hello everyone,


I want to run Office extend with 1815T. I see in the logs on the controller that CAPWAP Control Msg Received from x.x.x.x but DTLS connection 0xa443cb8 closed by controller *spamApTask5: Jul 23 11:56:45.306: CAPWAP DTLS connection closed msg

I assume that I need a DTLS license on that controller. I have downloaded one from cisco but I have no idea where I should install it. I do not see that option in menu Licence. I have a version 8.5. Many blogs refere to management-licence--command but there is no such option.


2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Scott Fella
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Hall of Fame Guru
DTLS is installed on any OEAP. If your AP is joined to the WLC from the Internet you are fine. You just need to check the box for DTLS on the global AP settings.
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Piotr - there are many different reasons why the DTLS connection could have been closed - some of them config, some compatibility and some bugs. At minimum you need to specify what code your WLC is running (8.5.?.?) and what code is on your AP (if not the same as WLC). You'll probably need to run debugs on WLC and AP to work out what the problem is. Sometimes you'll even see the reason in the logs without debugs.

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