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2 WLANs with the WLC 2504 configuration

I have a question about the configuration of the WLC and DHCP server to distribute 2 WLANs. Once it
should be the internal WLAN and once a separate guest WLAN.

The internal WLAN is already working, but when I connect to the external guest WLAN, I don't get a
DHCP address. So I think I have to change something in the configuration so that guests who go to
the guest WLAN can also access the Internet from there without having access to the internal network.

So currently I have the following configuration:
- Sophos Fw (DHCP server internal LAN/WLAN, 2nd DHCP range for guest WLAN)
- WLC 2504 connected to the Sophos Fw
- Cisco 3560 switch (without configuration) connected to the Sophos Fw
- AP 3802I connected to the Cisco 3560 switch.

On the WLC, I have the management interface which is set with VLAN 0 for the first WLAN (internal)
and then another interface guest-wlan (VAN 10) which is assigned to the guest WLAN.
I can connect to the internal WLAN and then also get an IP and have access to the Internet.
I can also connect to the guest WLAN, but then I only get an IPIPA address.
Can someone help me how I can set the configuration so that not only internal users, but also the
guest WLAN can access the Internet.

Hope you can help me. If you need any more information, please just ask
Oh yeah, I'm not CCNA Wireless and I'm trying to read it there, but I'm a native German speaker.
Best regards


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