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2602i in Repeater Mode no traffic and no broadcast via Radio


Hi, I have two 2602i and I want to operate one of them in repeater mode for a special environment without network cable access. The configuration of the access points is nearly the same. One is in "station-role root" and one is in "station-role repeater". The root access point is connected via GigabitEthernet3 to an 896VA router. All console traffic (ping) between the access points and the rest of the network is running fine. So I can access or ping the repeater access point from any wired connected computer. I can also ping from the repater access point to without any problems. It is all the same network within the same subnet class. No ACLs or anything else. Even a computer connected via Radio to the root access point runs fine.

But a computer connected via Radio to the remote access point has no connection to the router or the rest of the network. It only reaches the repater access point and the root access point. Nothing beyond that. I have even recorded the ping to the router with Wireshark. But I only get ARP broadcasts with "Who has ip xxx?"

It looks like that the root access point is not forwarding the Radio traffic from the connected clients of the repeater access point to the GigabitEthernet0 of the root access point at which it is connected to the router.

I have attached the two configuration of the routers. I am operating the latest 15.3(3)JF15 firmware. I have tried nearly everything and have no more ideas.

Do anyone of you have any more ideas?

Thank you so much

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