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2702 'AP Crashed Due To Software Failure'




I am wondering if anyone has faced this.  I have random 2702i access points crashing on this version of the software.  


I don't see any bugs listed that could cause this and I didn't have the issue on the previous version of


I am not sure if it is an ap issue or just a software bug.  There doesn't seem to be any crash info files on the AP flash.



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I have a facility with 72 2702Is on a 3504 controller running 8.10.151 with no issues. All my APs have the same uptime, so doesn't look to have been any crashes.


When you say crashing, do you see a crash, or it's just rebooting etc?

I have about 150 of them and it seems like one or two crash every week.  


'AP Crashed Due To Software Failure' is the message I get from Prime.


The AP does also reboot as the uptime on the controller is reset, and the port on the switch goes down briefly.


It would seem unlikely that it is a hardware issue as I have had at least 10 do this since I did the upgrade in July.



Leo Laohoo
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Log into the AP and post the complete output to the command "dir".

Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 282 Jan 1 1970 00:10:31 +00:00 info
3 -rwx 887 Sep 3 2021 21:29:25 +00:00 capwap-saved-config
4 -rwx 58830 Sep 3 2021 21:26:28 +00:00 event.log
15 -rwx 95008 Jul 30 2021 16:41:29 +00:00 lwapp_reap.cfg.bak
38 drwx 576 Jan 1 1970 00:10:30 +00:00 ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx
6 -rwx 64428 Sep 8 2021 14:06:45 +00:00 lwapp_non_apspecific_reap.cfg
9 -rwx 344 Sep 8 2021 22:38:56 +00:00 env_vars
75 drwx 832 Jul 19 2019 19:05:37 +00:00 configs
76 -rwx 64 Sep 3 2021 21:26:28 +00:00 sensord_CSPRNG0
77 -rwx 280 Sep 3 2021 21:29:23 +00:00 lwapp_officeextend.cfg
152 -rwx 61925 Jul 30 2021 16:35:58 +00:00 event.capwap
83 -rwx 64 Sep 3 2021 21:26:28 +00:00 sensord_CSPRNG1
20 -rwx 12312 Sep 8 2021 14:09:09 +00:00 private-multiple-fs
87 -rwx 887 Sep 8 2021 14:09:09 +00:00 capwap-saved-config-bak
13 -rwx 1 Sep 13 2019 20:09:13 +00:00 ce
8 -rwx 0 Jul 31 2017 21:44:40 +00:00 config.txt
18 -rwx 98 Sep 3 2021 21:29:24 +00:00 pnp-saved-config
16 -rwx 95008 Sep 3 2021 21:29:51 +00:00 lwapp_reap.cfg
21 drwx 2368 Jul 23 2021 13:16:42 +00:00 ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JK5

40900608 bytes total (18186240 bytes free)

@dan.letkeman wrote:

4 -rwx 58830 Sep 3 2021 21:26:28 +00:00 event.log

Attach the event.log file so we can have a look. 

Alternatively, look at the WLC (Management > Tech Support > AP Crashes) and see if anything is there.

Here are both logs for your viewing.

@dan.letkeman wrote:

Raise a TAC Case and ask them to verify if this is CSCvm78368.

I will give that a try.

Opened up a case with TAC.  This is what they came back with.




---- Partial decode of process block ----


Pid 47: Process "Dot11 driver "

stack 0xA862F04 savedsp 0xA865C78

Flags: analyze prefers_new

Status 0x00000000 Orig_ra 0x00000000 Routine 0x018B14E0 Signal 0

Caller_pc 0x018B18A4 Callee_pc 0x013B0214 Dbg_events 0x00000000 State 4

Totmalloc 27980952 Totfree 25994348 Totgetbuf 150612

Totretbuf BA7C Edisms 0x0 Eparm 0x0

Elapsed 0xAEFD54 Ncalls 0x36DA9B45 Ngiveups 0xB

Priority_q 4 Ticks_5s 0 Cpu_5sec 491 Cpu_1min 548

Cpu_5min 637 Stacksize 0x2EE0 Lowstack 0x2EE0

Ttyptr 0x5ED9A10 Mem_holding 0x1FEE08 Thrash_count 0

Wakeup_reasons 0x0FFFFFFF Default_wakeup_reasons 0x0FFFFFFF

Direct_wakeup_major 0x00000000 Direct_wakeup_minor 0x00000000

Regs R14-R31, CR, PC, MSR at last suspend; R3 from proc creation, PC unused:

R3 : 00000000 R14: 056EB518 R15: 0A865D08 R16: 058B3198 R17: 05640000

R18: 042BDFC8 R19: 0A865CB8 R20: 00024000 R21: 0A99859C R22: 00000000

R23: 00000000 R24: 0AC04888 R25: 0AC44888 R26: 00000010 R27: 0AB54888

R28: 0A8B1640 R29: 0A86617C R30: 00000000 R31: 04740000 CR: 22000042

PC : 013B02F4 MSR: 00029200


47 0 12309336 6834628 1934208 13268620 13268572 Dot11 driver


47 2154536 132345023 16 0.15% 0.42% 0.46% 0 Dot11 driver


Traceback (Traceback of crash)

-Traceback= 0x1939FF0z 0x18D84A0z 0x18E0E4Cz 0x18B88ECz 0x1544450z 0x154004Cz 0x154004Cz 0x1544518z 0x140DB60z 0x140DB94z 0x140ECB4z 0x141546Cz


Above traceback of crash is new for this AP, unfortunately the APs 2700 are end of software and creating new bugs are not possible.




I am a bit confused as to the last statement.  If a device is on the supported list, in my example a 2702i is on the supported list for, wouldn't I be provided bug fixes?


I have not tried factory resetting all 150 of them.



Looks like they don't do bug fixes to the AP itself. So it's supported in the WLC code, but no new AP code updates.


Not sure exactly how AP code works since when you update the APs update, but must be a core code that is not going to be updated.


A bit annoying as by the TAC it's basically downgrade, or pay to upgrade your APs that shouldn't be necessary.

That sounds about right Dustin.


They did say to try a factory reset, which I will do when time allows.




Você não vai conseguir sucesso, pois a atualização na WLC não transfere os drivers para o AP corretamente, ou há um bug nessa nova versão atualizada. Há vários incidentes de clientes meus na área de manutenção, com resets aleatórios, e especificamente o mais comum que é o rádio de 5Ghz não subir.

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