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2800 EOL Notice... When will they stop working in the field?

So we are running some 2800s in the field on a Catalyst 9800 WLC. The EOL notice ( states that May 1, 2023 is the End of SW Maintenance Releases Date, April 30, 2025 is the End of Vulnerability/Security Support, and that April 30, 2027 is the Last Date of Support. 


My question is, when will these cease to function in the filed with the WLC? At which step in the EOL phases?


Thanks in advance!

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Scott Fella
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The equipment will keep on working as long as it doesn't die.  I tend to look at the End of Vulnerability/Security Support (hard date) so I know when I need to migrate by.  It doesn't mean that I will not upgrade earlier than that, but as far as a hard date in production, it is the vulnerability.  What you will need to also look at is the controller code version that supports your access points.  You would have to stick with the latest and that might be an issue later if you want to look at newer access points.

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The concern here is that Cisco will drop support for the 2800's by IOS version X, but we need to run version Y at some point to support the newer WAPs (We have a mixed bag of APs).


eg. IOS 17.3 is the last one that supports AP2700's, but IOS 17.7 is the first one to support the AP9136's...


Is there any way to know this in advance, or do we just have to wait and see what happens.

You wait and see.  This is the issue when you keep older equipment, soon you will not be able to run older equipment if you want the latest.  That is what I was trying to explain on my other post. 

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Scott Fella
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Keep this handy if you already don't have it.  

Cisco Wireless Solutions Software Compatibility Matrix - Cisco

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Hi, normally EOL document gives few set of days for events.

 End of SW Maintenance Releases Date, is the date where cisco stops software updates and maintenance for given product

End of Vulnerability/Security Support, is security update closing date

Last Date of Support/ Last date of HW support. is last date to get support from cisco for relevant device. after this date we cannot renew contracts and will not give RMAs.

so, even if your device beyond the Last date of support, functionality of device will not get affected. it will continue to work untill it gets hardware faulty or critical bug. 

in your scenario, if you use OLD APs with new controller, you need to be carefull about OS compatibility. if WLC OS isnt compatible to AP model, it will not work. you need to match. but that limits your feature capabilities which releasing with new WLC OS versions since you cannot upgrade to newest OSs unless AP models supports to it. 

Note - if you have WLC OS compatible AP models, they will work continuously even end of support day is passed. only thing you cannot get support or RMA for EOS devices.

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Good luck


As per the below supported 17.6 release notes 2800 is supported.


EOL for 17.6 has not been published.


So how to interpret the actual software support end timeline for Aironet Series 1800,2800,3800?


Any inputs are appreciated?

Thanks for your time!


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Arshad Safrulla
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@lawrence.allhands there is some news circulating among Cisco SE's that due to semi conductor shortage and logistic issues Cisco is having, Cisco might extend the support timelines for Wave 1 and Wave 2 AP's. Not confirmed news officially, but this is our SE's standard response verbally when grilled on the delivery timelines of our AP's pending for more than 6 months now. So please keep an eye on the EOL notice for Wave1 and Wave 2 AP's.



I'll ask our Cisco reps about it and let you know if I hear anything too!


Larry A

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