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3200 Mobile Access Router - Integration with 5508 WLC - Via 1520 LAPs

Level 1
Level 1

We have a legacy wireless deployment using Cisco 3250 Mobile Routers and of course the associated agent routers, etc.

We're replacing the core with a controller based solution and with the wireless being driven from 1520 APs.  The 3200 MAR will remain in the trucks/cars with the objective of maintaining their "3G/4G" connections as well as 802.11 connections when in a service zone. 

For all intent and purposes we're going to be rebuilding the wireless infrastructure so what we have, except for the 3200 MAR in the vehicles, will be replaced.  We have the WLC and 1520 APs in place and they're working fine for PC type connections (laptops).  The next step is to reconfigure the 3200 MAR to work with the environment.

Anyone done this type of a conversion?  What are the gotchas?  Any examples? 

Thank you for your time in advance,

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