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3602i is not showing a "lit" LED.

I upgraded WCS to 7.0.22 and the WLC to so that I could add four 3602i's. Funny thing is that they all work fine except that none of their LED's are 'lit' up. They look dead.

Is it the version of sofware?

Mark Jensen

Actually, table 4 states that the "WLC First Support" for AIR-CAP3602i is version

I had to build a spreadsheet in order to navigate all the various versions. Starting with the AP, I had to go with because we can't migrate to NCS yet (real soon though). WLC only matches up with WCS

Granted looks to be specifically for introducing the 3600 series and is not meant to be where one wants to go.

I don't think there's anything serious going on here. But, I was wondering if anyone knew why the LED's don't light up.

We'll be on NCS and be able to get to the latest version by the end of the year.

When I have an AP issue, I boot it up on my desk, watch the LEDs and a console session to the AP.  You can turn them off or on thru the console.  Every one I have put up has the LEDs on, helps to see wherre it is in the boot load.

As I stated earlier, the AP's are working just fine. When I turned up the first one (at my desk) I was able to see that it worked; even with the LED not 'lit' up (head scratch...)

I really think that once I can step up to a more recent version of NCS/WCS and WLC, the semi-issue will go away.

Mark, what version of NCS/WCS/WLC are you at?

When this is all said and done, I'll be looking at 7.3 (unless some bug rears its head).

We are on NCS prime 1.1, using WLC 5508 and a mix of APS, 1131, 1142 and the 3602s.  We have 2 wlans one for student use and one for the academics here.  They beat the system to death here 

The WLC doesn't seem to care what version WCS its talking to.

My system is WCS while the WLC's (3 5508) are (for the 3602's) and the WiSM's are (for the 1231's)

About the only thing I use my WCS for is Guest accounts, System Map's and the MSE.

I still manage my WLC's directly.

The 7.0 code can still manage compatable features of the 7.2 code.  It just doesn't know about anything else.

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