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Steve Chapman

3802i and the death of autonomous ap

I am trying to set up a 3802i ap as an autonomous ap.  I now learned that I have to run mobility express.  I currently running 8.4.100 and cant get it to work.  It boot up and get to the end and the light just rainbow and I never see the ssid.  


So I tried to terminate the autoinstall and go manual, but the wired interface keeps flapping up and down and never connects.  the rainbow lights never stop even after configuring ssid. 


I did notice that this ap is only pulling 15.4 watts.  I tested this on 3850s with 802.3at(30w) and UPOE (60w) and still only 15.4.  this just doesn't see right. 


Enabling Controller Provisioning
Configuring management interface
Enabling mgmt via wireless
Enabling Provisioning SSID
SSID: CiscoAirProvision, Admin Status: 1, Interface Name: management, 802.11 Auth: WPA2-PSK, Wi-Fi Protected Access : Enabled

(Cisco Controller)

Cisco Aironet 3800 Series Mobility Express
Welcome to the Cisco Wizard Configuration Tool
Use the '-' character to backup




Steve Chapman 


I recently went through configuring one and one thing you need during the setup process is the management DHCP scope.  Thats how the AP gets its IP and can then join the controller.  I used the setup script to do the Employee SSID (survey) and DHCP scope.  I then statically set the channel, power and channel width in the GUI of the controller on board and both radios came up fine.

Masato Ueoka
Cisco Employee


Cloud you collect following logs?
1. (Cisco Controller) >apciscoshell
2. login to AP console with credentials as configured.
3. show interface wired 0
4. show version
6. logout to back to controller CLI mode.
7. (Cisco Controller) >show ap summ
8. (Cisco Controller) >show dhcp leases
9. (Cisco Controller) >show dhcp summ


Don't see show interface wired 0 under apciscoshell

arp Show ARP table authentication Local authentication process information
avc AVC show commands
ble Bluetooth Low Energy show commands
boot Show boot attributes
capwap CAPWAP Show Options
class-map Show CPL Class Map
cli Show Command line
clock Display the system clock
controllers Dot11 interface controller status
crypto Show crypto attributes
cts Cisco Trusted Security information
debug show the debugs enabled
dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status
dtls DTLS show commands
filesystems Display filesystem information
flash Flash contents
flexconnect AP flexconnect information
inventory Show the physical inventory
ip IP information
ipv6 IPv6 information
kernel Kernel show commands
led Show LED information
policy-map Show CPL Policy Map
processes show list of processes cpu and memory utilization
rrm Radio Resource Management Show Options
trace Trace Events Options
version Display image version
wips Show wIPS Information
wired Show Wired network information

Steve Chapman

found the problem!!!!!


bad firmware when shipped. 

That is !
I ask you Serial numbers to check this field notice.


it is the dumbest thing Cisco could have done with their APs and i will HATE them forever for this nonsense.


Cisco coders couldnt program their way out of a wet paper bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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