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4000 Switch complains when I associate from one access-point to another

When I associate from one access-point (AP 350) to another my switch complains that it sees mac address in the CAM table in another port and then starts dropping packets.

Also do you know any known issue with Flourescent lights interfering with access points.

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Level 5
Level 5

Flourescent lights should be no issue

Whay do you mean associate one AP to another are you using repeater mode ??? If so the non root repeaters AP will not pass any traffic on the ethernet side so the should be no spanning tree loop

If you are using BR350's and have then both plugged into the same switch or 2 switchs that are connected together via ethernet then you have just created a spanning tree loop and explains the messages

Can you please clarify exactly what you have set up so we can assist you


Level 1
Level 1

I know exactly what he means. If you have AP350s connected to a 4000 such that a client rapidly moves between the 350s, the 4000 will see it as a flapping client. I do not know how to avoid it, however.

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