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6500 WiSM - Error %LWAPP-3-DISC_INTF_ERR2


I'm receiving the following message...

Error Message %LWAPP-3-DISC_INTF_ERR2: Ignoring discovery request received on a

wrong VLAN (205) on interface (990) in L3 LWAPP mode.

The WiSM module in the 6500 is configured with its AP Manager and Management interfaces in the same subnet, in vlan 990. We've then configured vlan 250 and created a dynamic IP interface for management of APs in a different building. The idea is to have a management subnet for AP's for each building. IE, 3 buildings...3 management subnets. Both vlan 990 and Vlan 205 are trunked and tagged on the two WiSM port-channels. The AP connects to an Access-Port in vlan 205. The AP gets a DHCP address but fails to join the controller.

The design is to have an AP Management subnet per building...I've verified that Option 43 is configured to point to the management interface...

The only configuration difference I can find between the bench setup and Cisco documentation is that the AP Manager + Management interfaces are untagged on the trunk.


Scott Fella
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Maagement and AP-Managers should be on the same vlan which is vlan 990. There is no reason to create a dynamic interface for vlan 250 to manage ap's. Dynamic interfaces are to map ssid to a subnet. What you can to is on each building L3 interface that the AP's are on, configure a ip helper-address and also globally configure ip forward protocol udp 12222 and ip forward protocol udp 12223 and see if this works for you.

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